Audio Dealers
Diamond Groove - Great selection of vinyl.

Audio Eden - Newmarket, ON - Great stock of new and used equipment.
Being There Audio -  Orangeville, ON. - Dealer for Ortofon, Alta Audio and more.

Executive Stereo - Your local McIntosh dealer and more.
Electronic Depot - Niagara Falls, ON - Broad line of products
House of HiFi  - Burlington, ON - Many fine audio products.
SME - The name says it all.
Soundstage Fine Audio - Waterloo, ON - Fantastic line up of high end gear.
The Tubestore - Quality online tube dealer. Great selection.
Musical Equipment Dealers
Music Equipment Sales - Hamilton, ON - Musical instrument amps and equipment.
Divergent Technologies - Reference 3A, Copland
Tri-Cell Enterprises - Brinkmann, Aesthetix, Modwright, Unison Research and more
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