Blackdog HiFi Circuit Boards and Kits
  Due to popular demand we have decided to offer a few of the Blackdog HiFi designs as kits or circuit boards.
All boards are 1.6mm green FR4 boards. Fully silkscreened, these boards are easy to assemble. Add a power transfomer and a few external parts and you have a working, great sounding piece.
NOTE: All complete kits come with board mounted parts only. Chassis, transformer, jacks etc. are not included.
Tubes are supplied at extra charge - Only available with kit or board purchase.
Board Only - $45.00
Complete Kit - $275.00
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VT Preamplifier - VT101 - 6SN7 design. Board mounted power supply needs only power transformer    
Available in three kit levels.
Level 1 - Standard kit
Level 2 - Solen Silver capacitors; upgraded resistors
Level 3 - Mundorf EVO-SGO capacitors; upgraded resistors

FET Preamp Mono - FET101 - Symmetrical FET preamp design. Same as the stereo version except only a single channel. Use this board for the ultimate in separation between stereo channels (two required) or to create a third channel for use with a subwoofer or center channel
80 mm x 103 mm
163.5 mm x 176 mm
Available Tubes
  - Shuguang 6SN7GT
  - Tung Sol 6SN7GTB
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VT Phono VT201 - All tube moving magnet phono preamp. Features passive RIAA equalization, 48dB gain, ultra low distortion. Also has on board voltage regulation for high voltage and filament.
Requires separate raw power supply. Use VT301 or build your own.
Level 1 - Standard Kit
Level 2 - Solen Silver capacitors; Upgraded resistors
Level 3 - Mundorf EVO-SGO capacitors; Upgraded resistors

126 mm x 176 mm
FET Preamp Stereo - FET201 - Symmetrical FET preamp design. Same as the mono version except two channel version. Use this board for simplicity and ease in building as there will less hard wiring to do. Uses the same power supply as the mono version.
103 mm x 169 mm
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Power Supply - FET301 - Regulated power supply for the FET preamplifier. Supplies a super clean voltage for noise free operation. This board is optional if you would like to design your own power supply or  it can be used with other projects. Instructions show how to change the voltage.
103 mm x 149 mm
Available Tubes
 - Shuguang 12AX7-A, 12AT7
 - Mullard Re-issues 12AX7/ECC83, 12AT7
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VT Power Supply VT301 Power supply for vacuum tube projects. Parts specified are for the VT phono, but can be used for any vacuum tube project with minor part changes. As specified, it contains a non-regulated choke loaded high voltage , and a non-regulated 16V supply capable of 1.5 amps.

130 mm x 147 mm
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VT Regulated Power Supply VT401 Power supply for vacuum tube projects. Parts specified can be used for any vacuum tube project. As supplied high voltage is 275 VDC, with two variable regulated filament supplies 1.5 amps each. Also features a 12V (other voltages available) control voltage for switching relays, controls or lights etc.
Instructions are included to adjust voltage as needed or can be ordered with parts for your specified high voltage at no extra charge (up to 350 VDC)

180 mm x 110 mm
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Coming in 2015 - Complete Kits
All Prices Canadian Funds
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